About Iloha


ILOHA Culture Centre was founded in 2013, with the objective of introducing Japanese language & culture, to the people in Malaysia and also foreigners alike. Currently we are providing language classes, cooking/baking classes, flower arrangement classes, manga courses, tea workshops and more.

Our language classes are conducted by native professional teachers, be it Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and even European languages. Students can be rest assured that they will receive proper guidance in their journey of learning a brand-new language with friendly instructors and a stress-free environment.

In our cooking classes, we prioritise teaching participants everything from scratch via hands-on as much as we can; comprehensive, detailed and at the same time absolutely delicious. We provide various types of cooking/baking classes here in ILOHA, be it Japanese, Korean, Italian, or even local cuisine, we have it all.

Flower arrangement classes, manga courses and tea workshops will allow you to have a deeper insight into Japanese culture, understanding their philosophies and also their lifestyle. Conducted by professionals who are masters in their craft, you will be able to take your first-steps in the right way.  

Sounds exciting? Join us now and discover a brand-new world! ILOHA awaits you!


Various cuisine, delicate desserts, festive food and etc.


(Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement)

Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, English, Malay, Spanish and etc.

Japanese tea from Kyoto, Japan