Mandarin Language

Beginner I Course (Physical)

starting in Apr'21! 

One interesting reason to learn Mandarin is that it works both sides of your brain. Mandarin is a tonal language, meaning that the word definitions can change based on intonation. Like music, Mandarin needs speakers to use both the right and left sides of their brains. This is excellent exercise for your mind!


Mandarin is certainly one of the most beautiful languages to learn. It may be a little difficult to learn at first, but once you start to get the hang of it, you will really start to fall in love with the language. Therefore, don't miss out our coming Mandarin course in APRIL!

Mandarin Beginner I (3 months / 12 lessons) 

Every Sunday 11:15am-12:45pm

starting on  25 April, 2021


Every Friday 9:30am-11:00am

starting on   23 April, 2021

[Course fee]

  RM520 for 3 months (12 lessons) inclusive of materials.

The registration fee is free (Promotion).

For reservation, please bank in the course fee and textbook fee (RM520 in total) to the following bank account and email us your name, contact number, your preferred course and the bank-in-slip. (email to:

Account No.: 514123626773 



Private Lesson

 Private Lesson fee: RM120 for 60 minutes lesson

  Private Lesson fee: RM180 for 90 minutes lesson

Freely select day & time.

Curriculum shall be flexibly established to meet individual needs.

Suitable for anyone who wants to study at own pace.

Kindly email to for enquiry on availability and more information.

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