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Japanese language & Manga course in 2017

For any enquiry/booking, please send an email to or make a call to

03-2202 2800 (Wed-Sun: 9am-6pm).

We will have the Japanese language and Manga course in Tokyo, Japan. You can choose among 1 month, 2 months or 3 months course. There are 4 courses in the year 2017.Each course will commence on 10th January, 3rd April, 10th July and 2nd October, 2017 respectively. You will learn the Japanese language every morning from Monday to Friday. Then, you will have the Manga lesson (2 hours per lesson) in the afternoon (5 lessons for 1 month course, 10 lessons for 2 months course, 16 lessons for 3 months course).

This dream course of Japanese language and Manga has been just now realized through collaboration with Kudan Japanese language school and Mangajuku, Tokyo Japan. You can learn both Japanese and Manga during... your short stay of 1month to 3 months in Japan.

This course is a completely original, special course made for those interested in Japanaese manga, and only for students of Kudan Institute of Japanese Language by a Manga-juku (Professional Manga School).

In this course, a professional manga artist together with a bilingual coordinator will assist you according to your level, and whether you are someone who likes reading manga but is a complete beginner in drawing, or for those who are experts at drawing but would like to broaden their expertise, you can be assured that students of any level can take the course.

The institute has already produced more than 100 student graduates from 37 different countries. While studying Japanese language, you learn how to draw manga characters, and you would create an original character of your own. At the end of this course, along with the Certificate of Completion, you will also receive your works and a manga sketching textbook.

15 years and above (High school students or older) can join the course. You can choose homestay or private dormitory as an accormodation in Japan.

Why not try to directly experience the manga culture that has taken over the world?

For further information, please contact ILOHA Culture Centre by sending an email to or call at 03-22022800 (Wed-Sun: 9an-6pm, Mon/Tue: off).

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